Business Domain Specific Least Cybersecurity Controls Implementation (BDSLCCI)

A step-wise and business priority specific cybersecurity framework for an organisation

Each organisation has different critical assets  ●  Helping your organisation with a good cybersecurity posture

Designed and developed for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are lagging with cybersecurity implementation

SMEs are part of 90% of the business population and plays important role in employment opportunities, GDP in developed countries, and sustaining the global economy. Hence it is important to protect them from cyber threats.

Each SME has a different business domain and different mission critical asset (MCA)

Depending on the business domain of an SME, business priorities changes. Specific mission-critical assets plays important role in fulfilling those business priorities.

Each MCA has a different weightage for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

Few mission-critical assets (MCAs) have confidentiality as the priority, and disclosure of the information should not be permitted. Similarly, few MCAs have integrity as the highest priority, alteration by malicious users will cause massive problems. Many MCAs have availability as the top priority, if the asset is not reachable it can harm business goals.

SMEs need minimum cybersecurity controls defined for their business domain

Many of the cybersecurity controls are not relevant to all business domains of the SMEs. Only specific cybersecurity controls are needed for relevant business domain SMEs.

BDSLCCI framework is designed to provide a stepwise cybersecurity implementation

BDSLCCI framework considers a set of cybersecurity controls to be implemented initially, and it gives a roadmap for incremental deployment of such controls.

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What is BDSLCCI?

Business Domain-Specific Least Cybersecurity Controls Implementation (BDSLCCI) is a framework designed specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It has below key benefits. 1. Depending on the business domain of the SME, this framework provides only the required minimum set of cybersecurity controls to be implemented. 2. Helps with the step-wise implementation of cybersecurity controls in a prioritized manner. 3. Avoids one-time big investment being gradual implementation. 4. Better utilization of available resources.

Which organisations can adopt BDSLCCI?

Regardless of business type or domain, any Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is an ideal entity to adopt this framework.

How many stages are there in BDSLCCI?

There are three levels of BDSLCCI. Level 1 is having good cyber-threat protection against maximum threats identified for SMEs which reduces malware, phishing, insider threat, web attack, ransomware attack, and a few more at a certain level. Further Level 2 gives better cybersecurity as compared to Level 1. Level 3 can be considered as the best minimum Cybersecurity controls satisfactory implemented for SMEs.

What is Mission Critical Asset (MCA)?

In the digital world, Mission Critical Asset (MCA) is mostly crucial data, information, or important system handling it. It differs for each SME mostly based on its domain. The asset which has the maximum value, highest risks, and a big impact on SME’s core business, can be treated as MCA. For example, MCA in the industry that deals with healthcare can be Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software; in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BSFI) industry it will be a net-banking transaction or financial records kind of web portal; in the E-Commerce sector it will be shopping web and mobile app online presence, for the innovative manufacturing industry, product design ideas, methodology and research material might be a most valuable asset than anything else and so on. Most of the time MCA is information-related.

How web portal helps?

This web portal helps with ease of SME registration followed by listing predicted cybersecurity controls. This prediction is done via inputs collected from research using Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Does BDSLCCI award a certificate of achievement for the level of maturity?

Yes. It can be achieved after conducting a BDSLCCI audit. Such audits can be performed online or offline.

Does the BDSLCCI web portal is FREE service?

Yes. We are offering FREE usage of the web portal, your organisation can start using this framework. It is recommended to conduct an audit of the effectiveness of the BDSLCCI within your organization to qualify for a certain level and certificate.